3D printed Vase Lamp

This 3D printed table lamp represents a fusion of modern complex geometry and a timeless classic look. All the parts are designed to be printed completely supportless, meaning no plastic ends up as waste during the printing process—100% of the material goes into the parts. The vase body comes in black and white. The 4 different types of shades only come in white. The electrical components of the lamp, including the E27 socket and the wire, are sourced from a regulated consumer-grade production to ensure safety and reliability. For more details about the lamp, you can visit: https://funkyton.com/3d-printed-lamp-design/ OBS: The lamp does not come with a light bulb. The one showcased in the video is an IKEA TRÅDFRI E27 rgb bulb. OBS: The lamp comes with a standard EU plug. If your outlets are different you need to cut off the plug and wire one that works for your outlet, or use an adapter.

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3D printed Vase Lamp